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Program to modify file dates

Posted by carlostorres on June 2nd 2011

I present an application that allows you to modify the creation date, modification date and last access date of a file. Operation is as simple as selecting the file to edit by pressing Browse ... , Change the date and press the Apply .

Press here to download.

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Compare folders and files

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on May 2011


This time I show a very good application, called Beyond Compare Company scooter Software.

He is currently in 3.2.4 version is very stable and cost around € 24 (An acceptable price for the piece of application that is).

It saves a lot of time copying files from one folder to another with only the changes between them.

You can make filter by file type, exclude folders, your graphical environment is also very good, very easy to understand, and a long list of benefits of this product.

Unburden a trial version from Beyond Compare.

Well I leave you to try and do them and me your comments.

See you soon.

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Sparrow 1.2

Posted by Xavi Fernandez 25th on May 2011

Not if know this mail client is to MAC, as of today this version is not yet available, but will be available tomorrow on the App Store, the version for laptops and desktops. This application how good it is compared to the Apple Mail, which to me passed away, is that the mail does not stay on the Mac hard drive but it is as if we consulted the mail via the web, is a powerful client email, and the new version integrated into the tray and enters the Facebook Gravatars.

Sparrow 1.2 arrive with unified inbox and integration with FaceBook and Gravatars

For those with Mac OS 10.6.7 in the App Store can find the application, as you pass the descargeís like me, the Apple Mail will be in second place.

Update: at this time (0: 08H) is now available in AppStore update.

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