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As expand the disk size of a virtual machine

Posted by jl on November 9 2011th

Hello everyone

Following my last post where we talked about an appliance that allows us to manage the virtual infrastructure from a mobile device, today I will introduce a tool that IMHO is essential to know when managing virtual infrastructures. It's called EXPART and allows us to increase the size of the hard disks of virtual machines with Microsoft operating systems.

This is a tool that can Dell and downloaded from this link

Let's get in position, imagine you have a virtual server, which initially will have assigned a virtual hard disk size, and for whatever situation we are too small and you need to raise your size. Let's see the different steps to do: Megacrack read »

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Remove hiberfil.sys file on Windows 7

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 21st on March 2010


Today something shortie for people like me do not use hibernation operating system and need the disk space available for other functions.

We start a command prompt with administrative rights ...

Megacrack read »

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