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How to increase wireless coverage at home

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 20th on May 2013

Increase wireless coverage is sometimes a difficult task to achieve, we know not to buy, that device purchase, if a router without an access point, if a computer with WDS enabled, if a repeater, etc ..

What I show below is a gadget with a very handsome style, your partners can not complain that bothers a router in the dining room or kitchen, has a nice little design, you can see a picture of TP-Link TL-WA850RE en

All it does is not little is to extend the wifi signal with only follow a few simple steps and be given a higher signal anywhere in the house.

This apparatus is configured to extend wifi coverage to the following standards, b, gyn and encryption WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK. The truth is that for the price you can not super powerful. I just got in Amazon for € 29.65. This equipment costs as recommended price 44.90 but having a 34% discount and the premium rate for the first free month you would bring home for this price. Last one.

It can be configured in several ways, the simplest is if your router has the WPS feature by simply connecting the device to the power and your router click on the WPS button and in the TP-Link TL-WA850RE click on the button range Extender button, the extender will automatically configure wifi without putting a single password or any configuration.

But in the case that as I do not have a router with button WPS have 2 forms over do it, one of them is laying in the manuals provided of course, that you have a laptop, but in my case we will do more complicated still, do not want to do it with the laptop, and I will say, come as you can with mobile, as I explain why I do not want to, when you connect the device tp-link to the current wireless signal automatically generates a call TP-LINK_Extender_XXXX to that from mobile or portable you can connect, you configure DHCP an IP address automatically and you can access the web and from there follow the same tutorial you will see below, but if we do it through the phone there is a moment just after setting the password of the wifi and before pressing the button end we lose the connection to the access point and we can not continue. (I tried it with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2) and has disconnected me 2 times and have not wanted to try more so I could make a blog as I like. step by step and without having any internet like.

I've finally done is to connect through the RJ-45 connection that brings the device with its respective cable my computer directly to the mouth RJ-45 tp-link and instantly offered me an ip by DHCP, making a ipconfig I could see the gateway computer and I have connected to it through a web browser.

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As expand the disk size of a virtual machine with OS W2008

Posted by jl on April 30 2012th

Hello everyone

In a previous post we discussed how to extend a disk from a virtual machine with the tool expart Dell. In this post we will try to how to do the same but in a virtual machine with w2008 operating system, since this tool does not work on this operating system. In this case no tool is needed and Microsoft has incorporated this possibility and can be done easily from the Disk Manager.

The steps are the following:

1.- We extend disk size on the properties of the virtual machine. Since version vmware 4 can increase the size of virtual hard disk in hot (without turning off the virtual machine) as long as that machine has no snapshot. So we go to the properties of the virtual machine and select the hard disk to which we want to increase space.

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