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Menus hidden on a blackberry

Posted by jl on September 19 2011th

Hello everyone

Por unos problemas de sincronización del calendario en una blackberry he encontrado un post de un foro de blackberry donde explican funciones y menús ocultos. Quizás alguna vez os puedan ser útiles

Enterprise Activation (Options-> Advanced)
ALT + CNFG - Settings for Enterprise Activation
address Book
ALT + VALD - Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies
ALT + RBLD - Force a data structure rebuild
from the Options menu, type the following (No ALT + required)
RSET - Will prompt to erase & reload for a reload of the Address book from the BES
(Nb This Will wipe all entries, but you can goto SIM Phone Book & copy entries back afterwards)
ALT + rBVs - View web page source code
Open up a Calendar item
ALT + VIEW Inside any Calendar item Show additional info for a Calendar event
(Including message ID - handy for BES log troubleshooting)
from the Options menu, type the following (No ALT + required)
SYNC - Enable Calendar slow sync
RSET - Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES
RCFG - Request BES configuration
SCFG - Send device configuration
DCFG - Get CICAL configuration
SUPD - Enable detailed Cal report for backup.
SUPS - Disable detailed Cal report for backup.
SUPN - Disable Cal database report.
LUID - Enable view by UID
SRSL - Show Reminder status log
ALT + VIEW - For messages, displays the RefId and folderID for That Particular message. For PIM items, displays only the RefId.
Search Application
ALT + advm Search Application Enabled Advanced Global Search
Home Screen
ALT (left) + Shift (right) + Del - Restart the Blackberry (only for full-keyboard Blackberries)
ALT + JKVV - Display cause of PDP reject
ALT + CAP + H - Displays the Help Me screen
ALT + ECAA - Displays the Help Me screen
ALT + ESCR - Displays the Help Me screen
ALT + NMLL - Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value.
ALT + LGLG - Displays the Java ™ event log.
WLAN (WLAN wizard screen)
ALT-SMON WLAN - Enable simulated Wizard mode
ALT-SMOF WLAN - Disable simulated Wizard mode
Theme (from theme menu)
ALT-THMN - Change to no theme (B & W)
ALT-THMD - Change to default theme
Date / Time (Date/Time menu – No ALT+ required)
LOLO - Date / Time Show Network time values
SIM Card (Options->Advanced->SIM card – No ALT+ required)
MEPD - Display MEP info
MEP1 - Disable SIM personalization
MEP2 - Disable Network personalization
MEP3 - Disable Network subset personalization
MEP4 - Disable Service provider personalization
MEP5 - Disable Corporate personalization
Status (Options->Status)
Buyr - Data & Voice Usage
TEST - start a device test (Keyboard, GPS, RF, Audio (Handset, headset, bluetooth, Misc)

Until next time


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