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Online comparison of speed between sites.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on October 22nd 2011


For those who are obsessed with the performance of your site I pass a link to an excellent comparison of the speed at which you load a website.

Only you must enter the following link and follow the steps you indicated below.

I show you also another link that helps a lot to measure the load times of each element in your web, where they are going missing and as such most improvement. This other site is called and it is very good.

I pass the test on see what you think: But remember that this is not achieved in a day, there is much work by any means and I will explain in a later article.

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Windows Live Writer, write a blog easily.

Posted by albertfr on March 9th 2008

I found a great tool for discharging items very quickly in your favorite blogs (blogspot, wordpress, live, ...), your name is Windows Live Writer.

It can be downloaded from the following link:

Updated: In the event that you have a Windows XP operating system will not work 64 Bits. I found this link where a portable version decargar

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