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LifeCycle patch Windows operating systems.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 7th on March 2013

The LifeCycle patch Windows operating systems is maintained until the end of extended support defined in each OS as you can see in the following image provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft LifeCycle

So these are the dates until they go out patches of different Microsoft operating systems and thus can withstand without upgrading our fleet of computers and servers to a maximum of the following dates.

Windows XP -> 8/4/2014

Windows Vista -> 11/04/2017

Windows 7 -> 14/01/2020

Windows Server 2003 -> 14/07/2015

Windows Server 2008 -> 14/01/2020

Windows Server 2012 -> 10/01/2023

You can read more about the patch lfecycle and supports various windows operating systems on the following link

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