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Introduction and installation of Windows Server Core Version 2008 R2

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 2nd on March 2010


Today we show you how to install a server Windows Server 2008 R2 step mode core version.


What is Core Version?

Well, it is a version of Windows that offers very high security against other versions of the operating system because it does not have nearly graphical interface does not use Microsoft's .NET framework and has no or characteristic feature installed by default with that will reduce greatly the sensitivity and vulnerability to attack. That is, it is a completely light and safe installation.

As it is given?

We can manage both core server from the command line or remotely using mmc console to configure but from scratch indispensably need the command line to start working with him.

We can install on Core Version?

Server Core supports these functions:

Active Directory Domain Services, AD LDS (Active Directory Services Light), DHCP, DNS, IIS (but not ASP.NET), file services, print services, streaming media services.

and these optional features:

Cluster failover, load balancing network subsystem for UNIX-based backup, Multipath I / O, Removable Storage Management, Bitlocker, SNMP, WINS, Telnet, quality service (QoS) applications.

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