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How to install a license on a Virtual Center

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 14th on November 2012

In this article we show how to install VMware licenses in a Virtual Center environment.

What we will do is tap a previous article where we explained as install y set up vCenter Server Appliance Mode 5.1 and thus complete the installation of the license necessary for the system has greater functionality than 60 days is the term they give us free until we buy a product license vCenter and can use it for life.

We recall that once bought a license VMware is not necessary to be renewing the license every year unless of course we want to update the product or as VMware calls it (make an update version) does not mean putting on patches but increase the versioning for example when moving from one ESX 3.5 4 to, or a 4 5.1 to, etc ... I guess you know what I mean.

This article aims to explain the steps to be followed to introduce a license to a Virtual Center environment.

I hope you find it useful, and although simple, many of you sure helps you see with screen shots.

Please write to any comments if you have any questions or want to contribute knowledge to other blog readers.

Greetings and enjoy the reading.

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Configure vCenter Server Appliance Mode 5.1

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 14th on November 2012

This article is the second part of the article Install vCenter Server Appliance Mode 5.1.

In the previous article we explain how to install vCenter Server 5.1 in Appliance mode, a system that does not require the installation of a Windows server as a base because it has a system based on a distribution of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 (64-bit) own operating system .

In the previous article we were at the end of the installation from an OVF into ESXi environment, prepared from a dynamic IP (DHCP) by which through a web environment we could connect us to continue with this article that explains how to configure vCenter Server 5.1 when it installed in Appliance mode.

We hope you reading is helpful and we let any comments about it so that we can help you as much as possible.

We will configure the basic settings of this tool, user and password, database, network configuration and we will start automatically services to enjoy a vSphere Client connection 5.1 to this virtual environment.

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