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Migrating virtual server to the Cloud with Amazon AWS

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 17th on May 2014

Conduct a converter of a virtual machine from physical to virtual or virtual to virtual is a breeze with VMware Converter, as we have talked about it in other articlesBut now that many of you are making the move to the Cloud we show you other techniques to migrate virtual server to the Cloud and vice versa, from the cloud to your on premise environments.

But not all operating systems can be migrated and meet some prerequisites that we will see in the following link:

In this post we will show you how to migrate a server in a virtual infrastructure (On premise) that is in our infrastructure to a cloud environment (the cloud that we have chosen is Amazon as we quite like and some had to go). When we have much experience on Amazon see other options such as Azure or re-environments on premise and surely we will stay with Amazon, but it will be time and money will tell you definitively what environment is that we pay for and maintain (What to think of everything, air conditioners, cpd, painting, cleaning, light ...), the server will be migrated into a virtual environment based on VMware but also served with Citrix or Microsoft Hyper-V.

The benefits they currently have cloud environments like Amazon are paid for months and use, if you have a server off not pay for it (Well, .. more or less (keep in mind the Elastic IP, disks EBS, snapshots in S3, VPC, ....) Now I will explain later how these products work or while skipping asking with comments or via e you'll solved your doubts. Another of the benefits of these systems Cloud is that they are highly scalable, if we need more resources only expand the server is already in minutes have more CPU, more RAM, more disk even SSDs, or even more IOPS on a specific disk, if for example we want to set up a system of video streaming or game Mobile (app) and do not know how many users are going to have in the system and can not preveerlo may use methods like Auto-Scaling to start instances EC2 (Servers) of the same features that make Load Balancing between them and have unlimited resources to provide our customers the desired service, but best of all is that when customers stop using the application, game, or stop viewing the soccer match streaming these servers will go by turning off / removing and cost of the product will be only used.

But enough of both text and what we've really come to do.

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How to convert a physical server to virtual vCenter Converter

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on September 2009

Hi, Today I will explain how to convert a physical to virtual server on an environment that is highly available by 4.0.1 version of the software build-161434 VMware vCenter Converter in the shortest time and without affecting further the service provided to end users.

This article also define:

How to increase a virtual disk during migration

As a separate physical disks into virtual disks in a migration

As expand RAM during a migration

As Cores expand during a migration.

The scenario that we will assemble to perform the item will be as follows:

Physical server with the following characteristics:

Windows Server operating system 2003

Pentium 4 - 3 Ghz (2 processors)

1.5 GB of RAM.

Disk C: 8 GB

Disco D: 30 GB

Physical server will place the future where virtual server installed on VMware ESX 3.5 with the following characteristics (Remember that the target server hardware should always have enough to house the originating server (Comprobadlo before migration).

8 processors 3 Ghz.

32 GB of RAM

60 GB disk (local) (no connection available disk array or NAS, or iSCSI, therefore we can not have a high availability).

The virtual system will configure it as follows during the migration process.

All default options

Disk C: 10 GB (He will expand on the same GB migration 2 more)

The disk D: virtualizaremos not to offer a wider range of possibilities at the time of forming this article.

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VMware vCenter Converter 4.0

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 18th on February 2009

No palabas, just great.

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