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Upgrade to vSphere vSphere 4.1 5 - VII

Posted by jl on March 27 2013th

Hello everyone

The last step in the process of upgrading to vSphere 5 is datastores updating our infrastructure. In the version of vSphere 5 a version of the file system called VMFS5 datastores it included (in 4.1 was VMFS3). Among the most notable improvements in this new version we are:

  • Improved Performance and Scalability
  • Increase the limit of a single extension and volume up 64tb
  • The block file size is unified in a single size of 1MB

In addition, the update process VMFS3 to 5 is very simple and fast as we shall see below

update datastore

One very important thing before starting the upgrade is that all hosts accessing the datastore must be in version 5

Once validated in vCenter, we go to one of the ESXi hosts and select the Configuration tab and storage option Megacrack read »

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