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Detect disk space used remotely

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 9th on October 2012

Today I needed to know what was the disk usage of multiple remote servers to a study of performance and provide a tailored solution to a customer who wants to virtualize your physical server environment.

Performing the query using powershell get have never had to connect to each server and get a quick and accurate results. This way we can adjust more disk consumption of future migrated server.

As you can see in order to make the query I used powershell and the command get-wmiobject along with the class win32_LogicalDisk, I also used some switches to show us the records we'd mapped network drives or cd-rom (since we do not want to know this information).

The specific value of disk usage that I know I can not refer directly and I had to do a subtraction between the value size and value FreeSpace.

I pass the entire command and the result obtained.

get-wmiobject -class "win32_LogicalDisk" -computername server1, server2 | where {$ _. DriveType-like "3"} | ft __SERVER, deviceid, @ {expression = {($ _ Size.) - ($ _ FreeSpace.) }, label = "UsedSpace"} -auto

Deviceid __SERVER UsedSpace
——– ——– ———
server1 C: 169078034432
server1 D: 117450104832
server2 C: 7788908544
server2 D: 8210206720

As you can see only show the physical drives (not network drives or CD-ROM drives, etc. ..) this is because we use the value DriveType, I show different values ​​depending on what you want to obtain.

"3"- Local disks.

"4"- Network disks.

"5"- CD-rom.

I hope you like me as aid has served me.

Also you can see the result in GB ... with the following command ... and some data ...

gwmi-class "win32_LogicalDisk"-computername server1, server2 | where{$_.DriveType -like XCHARX3XCHARX} | ft __SERVER,deviceid,@{expression={($_.Size/1GB)-($_.FreeSpace/1GB)};label=XCHARXUsed_SpaceXCHARX},@{expression={($_.FreeSpace/1GB)};label=XCHARXFree_SpaceXCHARX},@{expression={($_.Size/1GB)};label=XCHARXTotal_SizeXCHARX} -auto

Greetings and see you soon.

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As expand the disk size of a virtual machine with OS W2008

Posted by jl on April 30 2012th

Hello everyone

In a previous post we discussed how to extend a disk from a virtual machine with the tool expart Dell. In this post we will try to how to do the same but in a virtual machine with w2008 operating system, since this tool does not work on this operating system. In this case no tool is needed and Microsoft has incorporated this possibility and can be done easily from the Disk Manager.

The steps are the following:

1.- We extend disk size on the properties of the virtual machine. Since version vmware 4 can increase the size of virtual hard disk in hot (without turning off the virtual machine) as long as that machine has no snapshot. So we go to the properties of the virtual machine and select the hard disk to which we want to increase space.

Megacrack read »

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