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How to create an external dns server with Amazon Route 53

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 9th on December 2014

Creating an external dns server with Amazon Route 53 is as simple as having an Amazon AWS account and following the steps that we will show you next, but first of all, what is Route 53 and what is Route53 for?

Amazon Route 53 It is a DNS service in the public cloud.

Amazon Route 53Amazon Route 53 is normally used to load balance (ELB) between EC2 instances, map EC2 instances or simply map S3 buckets, but in this article we are going to use the power of a DNS in Cloud to secure our environment, to have scalability in a service as sensitive as DNS and have high availability.

But Amazon Route 53 goes further and leaves us the possibility by Health Check to monitor the life and performance of our Web applications, for example if you have 2 instances EC2 (web server) and one of the webs stops we operate can by Route 53 immediately redirect traffic to another instance to continue offering service.

It also leaves us the possibility to buy domains (Although as personal comment I would like more extensions were available and better prices). But you know that when closer the DNS server, the domain web server fewer hops should make a customer and better latencies have to open the web before the competition always remember the good practices of SEO.

Benefits of having a DNS server on the public cloud as a service.

1.- not affected by viruses (In the absence of an operating system controlled by us is safer by definition).

2.- No system updates (We saved maintenance).

3.-No failures have 0-day in Microsoft Windows.

4.- And as I said the CTO of NASA "We rely more on Amazon than in our own infrastructure for securing our systems".

5.- Operating costs tend to 0.

6.- The cost of mounting an instance EC2 t2.micro is like riding 27 areas (domains) on Amazon Route 53.

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Troubleshooting DNS records duplication (Activate Scaveging)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on November 2011

Good Morning.

When we find a scenario like this:


One solution is to set the Aging / Scavenging for all zones in the DNS.

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Configure Google Apps on BlueHost hosting.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 16th on September 2011


Today I have seen a new functionality in the cpanel de Bluehost where we currently hosted blog.

This new functionality Google AppsTM Wizard It used to configure the DNS required for Google Apps work it properly under our own domain and we will find in section Domains.

It's a simple wizard that will ask what services we want to implement Google Apps and we will configure the DNS as it suits us.

It's simple and not have any problem.

For those who do not be Bluehost as hosting, will touch you make these changes by hand, but this is already explained by the blog so I can not explain in this post.

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Check your best DNS server (Fast and nearby)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on August 2011


Today I show an open source application extremely useful for improving code performance servers DNS Local and improve the performance of DNS queries to the internet by releasing internal DNS load and speeding the delivery of responses from the DNS to our computer, server or network.

The idea is to detect what is the fastest DNS, with better response time and closest possible through an application developed to make a series of performance tests to detect internet which is the best DNS for our teams.

At home it is very simple, run the program, collect data and modified your router or in your local area IP of the DNS assigned to your teams that indicates the program.

In a company you will have to run the program from all points with access to internet, ie if disponéis proxy server you should run the program from each delegation / site with direct access to the Internet and every ISP and geographical location has closest DNS servers and faster than others, so if a company has contracted an internet line with Telefónica and another is with Telmex, Axtel, at & t, etc ... should run the program in each of these outputs to the internet with a computer that has access via those networks.

The program can download it from the following link:

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How to create an additional domain controller in Windows Server 2003

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 5th 2008

As I promised I'll show you how it has to do to create an additional domain controller for an existing domain.

In the first instance we need to have an existing domain, in the previous post I showed you how to create the first domain controller for a domain called now is the time to install an additional driver for power in case the first fall have a manual high availability to validate users to solve the problem with the main server.

The first thing to do is reinstall Windows 2003 Server and put a fixed ip, in our case we will put the ip with mascara and door link and dns and can configure which is the primary domain controller we have installed in the previous post. The server name will be seconddomain.

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