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The RPC server is not available from Powershell

Posted by sjgasca 18th on July 2012

This article will explain how to resolve the following error: The RPC server is not available, error that appears from a powershell console

Hello everyone.

As first article for my compilation Xavi I will propose a few simple steps to resolve an error for which cost me quite find the definitva solution.

The error appears in Powershell when trying to run a function that query a computer remotely, such as WMI queries.

Then I show the error and the procedure to fix it.

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An MSExchangeIS event with error code 9518 0xfffffddc

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 13th on May 2012

Good Morning.

The other day a client monitoring to detect the following error in your email system Exchange 2003, An MSExchangeIS event with error code 9518 0xfffffddc.

We found that all databases of a Storage Group had gone suddenly. (Normal in this type of errors, now I will explain why.) And attempting to start the database the following error appeared

Type: Error

Event ID: 9518

Source: MSExchangeIS

Error 0xfffffddc starting Storage Group / DC = com / DC = <domain> / CN = Configuration / CN = Services / CN = Microsoft Exchange / CN = <container> / CN = Administrative Groups / CN = First Administrative Group / CN = Servers / CN = <server> / CN = InformationStore / 2 CN = Storage Group on the Microsoft Exchange Information Store.

Storage Group - Initialization of Jet failed.

This occurs when the maximum number represented by the name of the transaction log for the particular storage group (ExxFFFF0.log) 1,048,560 2003 Exchange log in and (0x7FFFFFFF) log files 2,147,483,647 2007 Exchange is exceeded.

But when this happens ?: The transaction log files (transaction log) is a record of every transaction made by the database engine. All transactions are written to the log, then slowly written to the database.

Every time someone receives, sends, moves a mail or when a user moves exhange administrator of a database to another this log is growing and will stored on disk as files with a specific nomenclature Exx<Count>.log and each of these files in Exchange 2003 5,120 occupy KB (5 MB).

Therefore as long ago you disponéis installed and Exchange 2003 sure you have done almost 1 million moves, or already has passed or you will have little to you that error appears.

To detect this you can proactively monitor the LOGS folder of your Exchange to detect if the files you are generating 2003 Exchange (transaction log) are near ExxFFFF0.log as you can see in the following image:

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The RPC server is unavailable

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 8th on February 2012

Good Morning.

Some time ago the famous season Conficker virus found a RPC error on some servers.

The problem is that could not be accessed by depending on resources, then by ip, but not by name, and also share and could still be some of you continue with this problem but do not know, because at a glance system is working well, but really the DHCP Client service is started with a user who should not and causing these errors.

To detect the problem quickly could ping the server and do not find in the dns since not answer the RPC server dns removed (If you have so configured) the records to 7 days.

By accessing the server and do a ipconfig / registerdns to re-register the ip in the dns we would see the following error.

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Lock opening any pdf file via web

Posted by Alex Nalda 14th on December 2011

Good megacracks,

Today I found a curious thing. A user had problems opening a PDF via web. I mean, the user connects to a remote SAP system, from the browser. The appearance of the page is SAP and it is a mailbox that you get documents from other managers and / or departments of the company.

Problema: una vez ingresaba a la web y se mostraban los documentos, él le daba clic a «Mostrar documento» ( lo que hacía al pulsar sobre ese botón, era que se abría el pdf del documento ) y en principio se debía abrir el pdf del archivo en sí. Pues la cosa es que no se abría. El puntero del ratón se transformaba en una estrellita que en su interior se ubicaba un signo de exclamación en rojo.

When a file that you try to open via web does not respond, it is a browser plug that is blocking the opening thereof.
After testing by setting the safety of both Intranet and Internet browser, ActiveX, install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, Java virtual machine, etc etc, it was still unopened. What is my surprise to find that it did not allow to open the file was a browser plug ....
This supplement is Google Toolbar, I disable it and voila ... opened the first.

Conclusion: whenever you may have problems opening files via web and you will lose seeking, COMPROBAD WELL browser plug-ins, solution that will take away enough headaches, without saying Google Toolbar.

Well I hope you like and if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment

Megacracks greetings and see you soon!

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Solution to Slow to open Excel remotely.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 10th on August 2011


Today I found that several teams that had installed them KB2501584 They had problems opening excel remote causing the crash and finally opening the excel file.

This only happens with Excel 2003.

The problem in this patch (Microsoft Office File Validation).

To solve the problem of slowness you must follow this procedure:

1. Excel salt.

2. Home, Click on Run, writes regedit and then click ACCEPT.

3. Place yourself in HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Office \ 11.0 \

4. After you select the key that is specified in step 3, select New -> Key.

5. Writes Excel, And then press ENTER.

6. XNUMX. Selecciona Select Excel, Select New -> Key.

7. Writes Security, And then press ENTER.

8. XNUMX. Selecciona Select Security, Select New -> Key.

9. Writes FileValidation, And then press ENTER.

10. XNUMX. Selecciona Select FileValidation, Select New -> DWORD value.

11. XNUMX. Tipo Type EnableOnLoad, And then press ENTER.
Note: The default is 0, which disables validation.

12. XNUMX. En el In the Archive menu, click Logoff to exit the Registry Editor.

Excel test again and now it will be opened up as fast as before applying the patch.

You can also make an export entry after creating it and store it. Reg that you will perform in the devices with the same problem.

Until next time.

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