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As virtual Windows Server Raid create 2012.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 22nd on July 2012

Good Morning.

I guess you miss the title a bit but is that Windows Server 2012 brings many new features, but one thing we had not discussed so far and has existed since Windows XP and dynamic disks is creating a disk mirroring or Raid.

What we will do is by 2 virtual disks to make a virtual RAID too ... hehe. So we will have the same information in 2 discs and if you mistakenly one of the vmdk disks degrades, or we load it in error, or for maintenance shift operator performed poorly will have a second album with the same information as the first .

Redundant virtual disks. Awesome…

What made this action is to convert dynamic disks (with what we can no longer start any operating system other than the current one, but we will want multiple operating systems on a production server 2012?)

Here we go. The first thing to do is add a new virtual machine disk the same size as the already created for the operating system instance or data unit or the disc that you ye make the raid or mirror or reflection.

We connect to the server Windows Server 2012.

Press the key Windows + R

We wrote compmgmt.msc and press Enter.

Will access the console administration de equipment -> Storage -> Disk Management.

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