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How to buy IOTA, Ripple, EOS, XLM, XMR Monero, ADA Cardano

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 4th on February 2018

You can buy IOTA, Ripple, ADA Cardano, Monero, TRX Tron or other cryptocurrencies through the Exchange of trust Binance, right now everything has gone down quite a lot of price and there are good opportunities again.

In the article previous We explained how to buy BTC, LTC or ETH and BCH.

In this article we show you another trusted Exchange called Binance so you can buy other cryptocurrencies. To do so we recommend the following steps. It seems a tostón to do this, but it is the best way so that you do not charge commissions when you buy BTC or any other crypto from Euros.

1.- Open account in Coinbase.

2.- Transfer money to Coinbase by transfer (depends on your bank is free, INGDirect is free).

3.- Open account in GDAX (It's very easy and it's from Coinbase.

4.- Buy 80 € in Coinbase para conseguir los 8€ que os regalamos.

5.- Access GDAX and click on deposit to transfer the EUR and BTC that you have purchased (Free transfer also).

6.- Create account in Binance y dar de alta un wallet BTC (Es sencillo pero para cualquier duda, dejadme un comentario y os lo explico).

7.- Send BTC to Binance by clicking on Withdrawal and writing the BTC wallet in Binance (they will charge you something but it's worth it to be able to buy other cryptocurrency, all the exchange do).

8.- From Binance you can buy any cryptocurrency.

Buy IOTA, buy Ripple

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