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VMware Cluster as create and enable HA from VirtualCenter.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 1st on December 2012

VMware ClusterTo create a VMware cluster we have an essential form of a VirtualCenter (vCenter) and therefore of physical servers ESX 2 installed.

What we want to install a VirtualCenter server and put under a vmware cluster?

For various reasons including: vmotion (You can move virtual machines from one host hot ESX to another), Storage VMotion (Included by default in the 5.1 version of the standard license) you can move the virtual machine datastore hot (awesome) ... if a LUN is no space you can move the machine to another LUN without losing service, Fault Tolerance, ... With all this we make it easier for example spend all virtual servers from one physical server to another and so can upgrade ESX smoothly.

We from here I highly recommend it.

You can follow the following items according to your preferences, to install VirtualCenter if you have it already installed.

When you have installed the vCenter and you may access it through a vSphere client, only you should follow these steps that we show below:

Create new Datacenter.

Create new cluster.

Add Hosts.

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