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The world's most expensive domain (

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on May 2012 the world's most expensive domain with a value of 13 million has reopened.

The idea of ​​showing this website to the public of this blog is none other than knowing a technique so good investment as buying a domain with a good name and have the best possible idea.

Getting the group of women who visit pinterest (The most successful network currently accessed by women) is converted to a group of men who visit Another social network to hang your pictures, videos, favorite scenes and with the same appearance as pinterest.

Impresionante. Impressive. Doy un 10 al que lo pensó (por que yo también lo hice, pero no tuve suficiente dinero). XNUMX give a thought to which (for I did too, but did not have enough money).

I guess now they have to do with Pinterest, or you could pay millions of dollars 13 understand will also be able to pay its share of the pie to pinterest for this social network become the most visited by men of this world.

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