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The world's most expensive domain (

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on May 2012 the world's most expensive domain with a value of 13 million has reopened.

The idea of ​​showing this website to the public of this blog is none other than knowing a technique so good investment as buying a domain with a good name and have the best possible idea.

Getting the group of women who visit pinterest (The most successful network currently accessed by women) is converted to a group of men who visit Another social network to hang your pictures, videos, favorite scenes and with the same appearance as pinterest.

Impresionante. Impressive. Doy un 10 al que lo pensó (por que yo también lo hice, pero no tuve suficiente dinero). XNUMX give a thought to which (for I did too, but did not have enough money).

I guess now they have to do with Pinterest, or you could pay millions of dollars 13 understand will also be able to pay its share of the pie to pinterest for this social network become the most visited by men of this world.

Until next time.

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Google change their search algorithm in no time.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 20th on March 2012


Google plans major upgrade in its history. Google change the search criteria (yes those who make're right or wrong positioned in the search).

What he has done is to improve its standard of "semantic search" that what it does is try to find a meaning to written in the search and display the best results through a database with millions of objects, people, places phrase and things that has been collected over 2 years.

The system incorrectly marked out those sites that have been abused backlinking techniques and malicious tags which ultimately did not provide more than waste of time to the community.

We are at a point where we depend entirely on the results shows Google, we can not live without it and sure many of you (I include myself in the group) did not spend the second page of results when we are looking for any information, whatever its type.

With this new change I guess we have to change the way of writing the text we are looking for, and I think in this blog we have always tried to do the titles, the content of articles and tags in a way that would be easily "detectable" to through a logic in searches.

We not worth to put the tag "domain controller" if we wanted to find was "like creating a child domain controller" so I understand that this change will help us to a greater or lesser extent.

I hope your comments.

What is your opinion?

They will improve the search or be more difficult to find good contenido¿?

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How to make stunning presentations with Prezi in the cloud.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 17th on March 2012


Yesterday I gave a presentation with Prezi a product that came to light in November 2009 after a hard work for me was an unknown and I guess for many of you too.

Prezi is a presentation software based on the cloud that opens a new world between the boards and slides. The canvas zoom makes it fun to explore ideas and connections between them.

Prezi is visually captivating, it is truly an amazing product and not to be outdone also supports the latest mobile technologies.

You can download the presentation, you can run directly from the Internet (called Cloud lately, hehe), you can even download a desktop Prezi version (but only for paid accounts). I hope you visit it. For me it was quite a find.

Here you have a presentation for us. Megacrack read »

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Mobile interface for Nagios

Posted by jl on February 20 2012th

Hello everyone

For some time we use the tool NAGIOS as a system of monitoring equipment and services and ever, before any alarm received has been a need to connect remotely to see more information. How to access is through a website in which you navigate between the different devices that are monitored, so that from any device, including a tablet or smartphone with a browser could access. The problem is that the default interface is not automatically adjusted and small-screen devices to work with the application is complicated.

In the Nagios Exchange page there are many plugins and projects NAGIOS, And one of them are different interfaces for mobile access. This is the url

Among the different options we have tested the interface NagiosMobile. In this link are the instructions to install , But basically you have to download the application compressed, modify the directories that have the Nagios configuration files (if not using the default directories when installing Nagios) instal.php the file, and run it. Once installation is complete access to Nagiosmobile interface is navigated through http://servidornagios/nagiosmobile and the main page is as follows.


I hope you find it useful

Until next time

a greeting

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I am looking for someone with experience in archiving CommVault

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 8th on February 2012

Good Morning.

I am looking for someone to be able to ask questions about CommVault archiving.

Si alguno de vosotros lo tenéis implantado en vuestras empresas por favor poneros en contacto conmigo a través de la siguiente dirección de correo:

[email protected]

Thank you very much to [Email protected]

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