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Happy 2012.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 2nd on January 2012

Yes, I have long been waiting for this shift to meet you, and the time is approaching.

Although little is missing to reach, not yet exist You are creating me! Will you give me life with your projects, your thoughts, your words, your feelings, but especially with your actions. My name is "2012" though everybody knows me with the unoriginal name of "the coming year." Until today, I have no way, I'm not a great year, but not horrible, I'm not bright or dull ...

How you want it?

Soon you'll use that agenda that bears my name and I wish to grant me a privilege. Only one…………..

I want you to do me THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE.

To see which of your other years I had asked this? I bet NONE ... I do come and I stand with my four numbers in front of you, because I want to be the year that you dare to do more things; the year in which you think and act more at large, when you share your talents and abilities more generously; the year in which your mind, heart and body produce better things in an honest way for your benefit and that of those around you. The year that extra love and attention Brindes the year tuyos.El assume your gifts. The year's ames That you wake up and your new consciousness reaches all those who are near you. TODAY I join the celebrations to dismiss the 2011 "I will". Its ups and downs go with it ... now my turn ...

PLEASE!!!!!!!! Enjoy me use me to the full, fill me with experiences, have fun while we're together, I want to go to the next exhausted December, but full of good things and with the privilege of being the best of ALL ... I will have achieved my purpose: I will live forever in you because you will not forget how amazing it was our time together and finish the bells that announce my arrival, remember me, take a deep breath and ... go! With great enthusiasm expected this year which is really with ALL your desires, a wonderful 2012 !!!!!! With all my HEART AND LOVE ....

Signature: 2012

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Check the winning lottery number 2011 Christmas

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 22nd on December 2011


To all of you offer your numbers and see if Christmas has been awarded and how much you've won.

Check your number

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Merry Christmas and Happy year 2012.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 20th on December 2011

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Copying files between Windows servers ROBOCOPY

Posted by Alex Nalda 18th on December 2011

Good to [Email protected],

Today I will explain how to transfer data from a server (either DC or member) in one domain to another server in the domain, either for purposes of migration or just by expansion of server space, since there are still admins working with Windows infrastructure 2000 server and can at this point for excess storage by users on the server, it has fallen short of capacity.

Well, we'll do with a little utility called Robocopy (Robust File and Folder Copy). This is a command included in the Resource kit Windows, which is useful for us to copy files and folders, so far nothing new.

The potential of this application is that it is very versatile; you can tell that you delete the source from which you are copying, or copying a file fails, we can tell you to try X times and we can also define the waiting time between attempted and try, ... etc. The good thing that all this completely automatically and with a simple command line you made.

first install the Resource Kit is installed by default in C: \ Program Files \ Windows Resource Kits \ Tools

Thereupon we open the console from HomeRun and type "Cmd". Once inside we look for the old path "C: \ Program Files \ Windows Resource Kits \ Tools"And from there we would put for instance ... ..:

ROBOCOPY Server1 \\ \ C $ \\ Server2 \ F $ \ BACKUP / S / E / COPYALL / MIR / R: 2 / W: 2 /LOG:F:\BACKUP\COPIA1.TXT

Megacrack read »

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Lock opening any pdf file via web

Posted by Alex Nalda 14th on December 2011

Good megacracks,

Today I found a curious thing. A user had problems opening a PDF via web. I mean, the user connects to a remote SAP system, from the browser. The appearance of the page is SAP and it is a mailbox that you get documents from other managers and / or departments of the company.

Problem: once entered the site and the documents showed, he gave her click to "Show document" (what I did when you click on that button, it was that the PDF document is opened) and in principle should open the pdf the file itself. Well the thing is not open. The mouse was transformed into a star that inside an exclamation point was located in red.

When a file that you try to open via web does not respond, it is a browser plug that is blocking the opening thereof.
After testing by setting the safety of both Intranet and Internet browser, ActiveX, install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, Java virtual machine, etc etc, it was still unopened. What is my surprise to find that it did not allow to open the file was a browser plug ....
This supplement is Google Toolbar, I disable it and voila ... opened the first.

Conclusion: whenever you may have problems opening files via web and you will lose seeking, COMPROBAD WELL browser plug-ins, solution that will take away enough headaches, without saying Google Toolbar.

Well I hope you like and if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment

Megacracks greetings and see you soon!

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