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Google change their search algorithm in no time.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 20th on March 2012


Google plans major upgrade in its history. Google change the search criteria (yes those who make're right or wrong positioned in the search).

What he has done is to improve its standard of "semantic search" that what it does is try to find a meaning to written in the search and display the best results through a database with millions of objects, people, places phrase and things that has been collected over 2 years.

The system incorrectly marked out those sites that have been abused backlinking techniques and malicious tags which ultimately did not provide more than waste of time to the community.

We are at a point where we depend entirely on the results shows Google, we can not live without it and sure many of you (I include myself in the group) did not spend the second page of results when we are looking for any information, whatever its type.

With this new change I guess we have to change the way of writing the text we are looking for, and I think in this blog we have always tried to do the titles, the content of articles and tags in a way that would be easily "detectable" to through a logic in searches.

We not worth to put the tag "domain controller" if we wanted to find was "like creating a child domain controller" so I understand that this change will help us to a greater or lesser extent.

I hope your comments.

What is your opinion?

They will improve the search or be more difficult to find good contenido¿?

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Lock opening any pdf file via web

Posted by Alex Nalda 14th on December 2011

Good megacracks,

Today I found a curious thing. A user had problems opening a PDF via web. I mean, the user connects to a remote SAP system, from the browser. The appearance of the page is SAP and it is a mailbox that you get documents from other managers and / or departments of the company.

Problem: once entered the site and the documents showed, he gave her click to "Show document" (what I did when you click on that button, it was that the PDF document is opened) and in principle should open the pdf the file itself. Well the thing is not open. The mouse was transformed into a star that inside an exclamation point was located in red.

When a file that you try to open via web does not respond, it is a browser plug that is blocking the opening thereof.
After testing by setting the safety of both Intranet and Internet browser, ActiveX, install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, Java virtual machine, etc etc, it was still unopened. What is my surprise to find that it did not allow to open the file was a browser plug ....
This supplement is Google Toolbar, I disable it and voila ... opened the first.

Conclusion: whenever you may have problems opening files via web and you will lose seeking, COMPROBAD WELL browser plug-ins, solution that will take away enough headaches, without saying Google Toolbar.

Well I hope you like and if you have any questions do not hesitate to comment

Megacracks greetings and see you soon!

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Google+ available for Google Apps

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 31st on October 2011


Finally, Google has worked as it should and enabled option for Google Apps domain administrators to offer their users the option to have an account in Google Plus from Google apps and in this article I will explain how to enable it.

The message that you will see when the option is disabled is as follows:

google inGoogleApps

Entering the administration of your domain: in section Organization & Users You have the possibility to put in ON this feature / service.

Megacrack read »

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What's new in Google Apps for Business

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on October 2011

Hello MegaCracks.

Are you interested in. finding out what's new in Google Apps for Business?

At 21:00 (Spanish Time) Will start a new webinar to discuss the new features of Google Apps for Business That Have recently been released.

The monthly webinar series is Delivered and Focuses on the newest service functionality and settings.

If you are Interested to join to the conference Please follow the link.

Best Regards.


MegaCracks good afternoon.

I invite you to the next webinar accedáis for the latest news about Google Apps Enterprise Edition.

The Webinar will be in English and today we will give Barry Schmell.

These webinars are held every week and are a very good opportunity to learn more this tool.

If you are interested follow the following link.

Greetings and see you soon.

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Plus Google is already open to the public

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on September 21st 2011

From a few hours ago Google Plus is now open to the public. Now you can access without invitation, only with your gmail account.

You'll see new in the website It is shown as follows:


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