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VMware Cluster as create and enable HA from VirtualCenter.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 1st on December 2012

VMware ClusterTo create a VMware cluster we have an essential form of a VirtualCenter (vCenter) and therefore of physical servers ESX 2 installed.

What we want to install a VirtualCenter server and put under a vmware cluster?

For various reasons including: vmotion (You can move virtual machines from one host hot ESX to another), Storage VMotion (Included by default in the 5.1 version of the standard license) you can move the virtual machine datastore hot (awesome) ... if a LUN is no space you can move the machine to another LUN without losing service, Fault Tolerance, ... With all this we make it easier for example spend all virtual servers from one physical server to another and so can upgrade ESX smoothly.

We from here I highly recommend it.

You can follow the following items according to your preferences, to install VirtualCenter if you have it already installed.

When you have installed the vCenter and you may access it through a vSphere client, only you should follow these steps that we show below:

Create new Datacenter.

Create new cluster.

Add Hosts.

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Windows Server 8 news

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 13th on March 2012

As many of [Email protected] will know we have the beta of Windows Server 8 so of course, we are going to point out some features of this new operating system.

The highly anticipated first guess for most system administrators and above all is the DHCP Administrators high availability in a DHCP environment.

Yes, finally, there HAS to see everything, but and because for DHCP, it is that I have never been without DHCP, but I have not ever been free DNS and I have five copies, which is also true for performance , peroooo, because we did not have DHCP with HA?, well, I finally have Windows Server 8.

Also finally a certification authority directly as role, we need not have an IIS, we will have a role called AD Certificate Services (AD CS) to offer personalized services for issuing and managing public key infrastructure (PKI). This role will include the following functions (You can see more at:

  • Certification Authority (CA)
  • Web Enrollment
  • Online Response
  • Device Enrollment Service Network
  • Certificate Enrollment Policy Web Service
  • Certificate Enrollment Web Services

Has modified the DCPROMO to make it easier to use (although not complicated, but good) with a new efficient promotion assistant that integrates with Server Manager and integrates with PowerShell of course.

This wizard will help for example by integrating adprep in the process of installing AD DS thus reducing the chances of error. Can even be run remotely via powershell, the wizard will perform a test of our infrastructure for errors so that they can afford before the promotion.

It can deploy domain controllers in the cloud (private or public) (Bufff, we are with the cloud, but that mania called a private cloud CPD), Domain Controller can be deployed through cloning.

We will have assistants to help us create a powershell scripts very easily.

The cloning method is perfect if you want to implement AD DS in several delegations at the same time (It's time that we have a domain controller by delegation, however small it may be).

The cloning process is to create a copy of an existing virtual domain controller, authorizing the source domain controller to be cloned in AD DS, and thereby prepare a configuration file that will contain detailed instructions (name, IP address, DNS, ...) With all this will reduce the number of steps to perform a dcpromo on a remote delegation.

The system is very focused on hybrid cloud environments, although suspuesto you do not need to have a CPD in the cloud to enjoy the features of this product (just missing).

AD DS Windows Server 8 be safer to virtualize (Everyone knows that to virtualize a domain controller can have problems in managing the time server and a virtual system to query your NTP on another domain controller and can have synchronization problems and provide a wrong time causing authentication errors our users) But in this case Microsoft is stepping up on the subject and created a system that is able to integrate with the BIOS of the physical machine from the virtual environment through a specific driver for it. In short, the system generates a unique identifier that is exposed by the hypervisor. This is called GenerationID (perhaps talk about it in the future) ..

Integration with Powershell is spectacular and can even display the script that is running when we make such a new GPO in the domain. This script You can use it to automate the tasks you want a simple way.

DEDUPLICATION. Back in Windows Server 2003 R2 had new deduplication capabilities although I never saw the light in companies (do not know why), even from before 2008 have tools like fdupes for linux with the-d asked you to store and wanted to file copying, but this was a good enough job manually and now it's time to leave behind those heavy backups, those increases in the capacity of our virtual machines each 2 months and enjoy a shared space between the duplicate files. (For those who do not know what you deduplication is explained in broad terms: deduplication is a system that creates pointers to the duplicate files and delete these leaving a single copy of duplicate file) this is the high level explanation, but you can find lots of information online, well at least I hope ...)

Well going to the Windows server deduplication 8 say they've gotten from deduplicate compress files and get results from 2: 1 on file servers and up 20: 1 on virtualized servers.

The system does not consume large CPU resources and is also optimized for it. Even deduplication can be scheduled for the files or even select what type of file we want to dedupe and which not.

I think I understand (And if not, I think it would be a good idea) you can dedupe data on remote servers, meaning that you can make a GEODeduplicación? ie if we have the same files on different servers even in different branches, the system will be smart enough to make a single copy of the file and pointers to other files. With the help of BranchCache could have a considerable speed in the opening of remote files, to see how the story ends, it looks great.

Well, I do not extend more than sure that you are tired of so much text.

For those who still want more I leave the link to more information:

I leave also laboratory Guides Beta testing Windows Server "8" so that you can see in a practical way

Greetings and see you soon.

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