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Compress without losing image quality (Riot)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 23rd on October 2012

riot_icon_120Compressing an image without losing quality is technically impossible, but the human eye and can not see all the shades of the image or colors that are embedded in them, we can "trick" to make it appear that the image is the same, but actually occupying a much smaller space.

The program that we are going to show you today is Riot and you can download from CLICK on Download Riot standalone application, advertising misleads rather on this website.

Riot named for the acronym Radical Image Optimization Tool It is a tool to optimize images without appreciating that we put quality loss in many ways.

It really is an incredible tool because it can compress the image of a form espectacular.riot

I use it enough to insert images in the articles, including the images published in the wordpress theme.

Its use is extremely simple, only will have to start the program and move a photo to it. Or open it via the menus.

The program is capable of real-time, display the results and the space occupied by the final image. we can even define the space we want to occupy the final document and provide the best possible configuration to get it.

We have many options to play and to compress image, different compression algorithms, different formats, JPG, PNG, GIF, we can even eliminate image metadata because as you know and you can see in the articles of evil, these data are easily trackable

I hope you like it. Ahhh, .. and best of all, it is free.

Greetings and see you soon.

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Event viewer detecting errors from Powershell

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 13th on May 2012


Today we put some powershell.

This article explains how to remotely collect event viewer windows event of a team or group of computers from a Powershell command line and also in Onliner, hehe as I like ..

Remember Article where we showed how to solve a bug with the Active Directory replication sysvol ?, because this script we can remotely detect such errors without having to wait for a user to tell us your script does not work because not detected, or a domain policy is not being applied that does not exist in a site, etc ..

What we do with this script is to check the last 2 days of logs in the event viewer the "File Replication Service" as source "NtFrs" and type "Error" and we force we only show errors type "13568" and we only show the newest to adjust to the preferences error detecting active directory replication (you will be able to put whatever you want such as detect if Exchange databases have been turned off because of that the transaction log is filled) With the following values:

Type: Error

Event ID: 9518

Source: MSExchangeIS

But for now what we will find we are the problems with the FRS and we are looking for the following:

Type: Error

Event ID: 13568

Source: NtFrs

We will do this:

get-eventlog -newest 1 -despues de (get-date) .AddDays (-2) -computername <ComputerName> -Logname "File Replication Service" -Source "NtFrs" -entrytype "Error" | Where{. $ _ Eq EventId '13568'} | select machinename, source | ft -autosize

The result if sensing that there has been an error in the last 2 days in the File Replication Service section with NtFrs source, Error type and code 13568 event would be:

MachineName Source

---- -

MegaDC1 NtFrs

From there we can solve the problem because the following article for example:

But if what you want is to detect this same on all domain controllers in the domain will have to change -computername <ComputerName> to:

-computername (get-qadcomputer -searchroot "<Domain> Domain Controllers" -dudip | Select-Object -ExpandProperty Yam)

Care that this last change will on all domain controllers you have, and take a lot, (You will have to have tools installed Quest Active Roles Management) Think that we do not use remotely and process strands (This will show you and other members of the blog which is more than I Powershell expert) to see if you dare .. Albert !!!!!, you want to read in MegaCracks ...

You can also run the command on each server daily and you send an email with the results to an e-mail or send it to a file that will be collected by an IIS and displayed in a web like a monitor centralized event it were, or what you offer your imagination ... the world of powershell is impressive, but it is when you unite with automation, displays, websites, etc ..

If you have any questions about this we will be happy to give you support from the comments of the bog.

Until next time.

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New version of Hiren's Boot CD.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on October 2008

Good Morning.

Today I present the new version of Hiren's in this case the 10, A bootable CD that will delight more than one. Each new version is better than the previous ruling by solving the odd compatibility and upgrading most of its applications.

This CD contains programs and utilities to restore files from disk partitions to modify or make disc images, read files on NTFS partitions, tools antivirus and anti-spyware, solve problems with the MBR, changing passwords and so on .

You can see more information

This cd "only" is a "DOS application that has all these utilities non-profit and can be used by anyone" so that the programs included an original license need to follow the laws of the authors.

On page there is a manual step by step so you can put everything on a USB Hiren's bootable.

Greetings MegaCracks.

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