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Solution to Slow to open Excel remotely.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 10th on August 2011


Today I found that several teams that had installed them KB2501584 They had problems opening excel remote causing the crash and finally opening the excel file.

This only happens with Excel 2003.

The problem in this patch (Microsoft Office File Validation).

To solve the problem of slowness you must follow this procedure:

1. Excel salt.

2. Home, Click on Run, writes regedit and then click ACCEPT.

3. Place yourself in HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Office \ 11.0 \

4. After you select the key that is specified in step 3, select New -> Key.

5. Writes Excel, And then press ENTER.

6. XNUMX. Selecciona Select Excel, Select New -> Key.

7. Writes Security, And then press ENTER.

8. XNUMX. Selecciona Select Security, Select New -> Key.

9. Writes FileValidation, And then press ENTER.

10. XNUMX. Selecciona Select FileValidation, Select New -> DWORD value.

11. XNUMX. Tipo Type EnableOnLoad, And then press ENTER.
Note: The default is 0, which disables validation.

12. XNUMX. En el In the Archive menu, click Logoff to exit the Registry Editor.

Excel test again and now it will be opened up as fast as before applying the patch.

You can also make an export entry after creating it and store it. Reg that you will perform in the devices with the same problem.

Until next time.

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