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Detect free space on Centos directory and check fuller

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 25th on May 2014

When we run out of free space on Centos there are several ways to detect where we use space but we will show you which is the fastest and most effective for us and also with tidy result.

For example we will see that the folder is normally occupies the / Backup folder / home (where the email and files of the websites and the / var where they reside databases and log files are stored.

First we show the command to be used to detect free space is as follows:

df -h

How to see free space on Centos

With this command we see that we have room Total, used, available and percentage in use.

And the command for detecting that the directory is used is as follows:

du -chs / * | sort -h

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Script to free space on C: \ patch removing directories.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 4th on October 2012

Today we show you a script to clear space on C: \ patch removing directories.

As we all know Windows patches occupy a stretch of space and sometimes we need to release it as drive C: \ server too fair.

Today's article is at least somewhat resolved this issue by automating the removal of temporary directories annoying Windows Update has left for later reversed if a patch has caused a server crash ... but few times have you done this?, how many times you have dared to uninstall a patch you have just installed? ..

Well, for those who have never had to uninstall a patch and for those looking for free space on the servers I pass the following script that can automate to run once a month for example and free up the space that you have Windows patches removed ...

I pass a script to free up space in C: \ patch removing directories.

Directories that we are removing are:

  • · Content: Ie7updates located in % Windir%
  • · Content: Ie8updates located in % Windir%
  • · All Folders $ located in % Windir%

The script DeletePatchesDirectories.cmd shall be placed in a network path accessible by all users or at least accessible to the user you're going to run it remotely:

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