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Beep McAfee Drive Encryption and remove

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 25th on February 2015

Me annoying beep "beep" appears on some computers when the screen is requesting McAfee encrypted credentials.

Good Morning. A good friend sent us this solution to a problem we assume that more than one will have in your business. We commented that had an annoying beep when you use McAfee Drive Encryption on Windows XP and Tablets Dell Venue Pro.

The solution to this problem may seem at first that it is a hardware problem and could disable the bios beep or sound card is not.

To resolve this error must be connected to the server McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and change policy Product Settings de Drive Encryption and tab Log On, disable accessibility


Make a call (Wake Up) Agent to send the new directives and no longer have the annoying ringing in the login screen McAfee.

Greetings and see you soon MegaCracks.

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Problem with unemployment causes DAT Mcafee Real time analysis

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 24th on August 2012

2 days ago 3 or detect abnormal behavior on servers with McAfee VirusScan 8.8 .. in some systems the scanning was off and started doing some research and finally called Mcafee itself to its customers to communicate the following:

Dear Xavier;

Recently, an issue with McAfee DAT Identified 6807 and 6808 That is Causing intermittent problems with VirusScan Enterprise 8.8x. For our corporate customers, Affect These DATs can cause problems with Mcshield.exe and the on-access scanner.

McAfee is recommending That All corporate customers Implement the mandatory security hotfix to Ensure the latest protection. Your security is my most important concern. For details please visit the McAfee KnowledgeBase here.

Well by McAfee.

Here's the link to the solution to this problem:

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