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As virtualize ESXi a host 5

Posted by jl on January 14th 2013

Hello everyone

In this article we will see how 5 ESXi virtualize a host within a physical ESXi host, which is known as nested ESXi. This can come in handy when riding a test environment or a lab where we do not have the necessary hardware. In our case, for example, we only had a physical server with 20GB of RAM, hard disk 144GB and two dual core Intel processors with which we could not mount a vSphere cluster. In the article we focus on the 5 version, because the hardware we have is only compatible for this version, but I will discuss what to do for the 5.1 version is the latest.

1.- First we have to do is perform a basic installation of ESXi Host 5 on the physical server. In this article we will not explain step by step how to do, if you need help you can contact us.

2.- Una vez instalado el servidor ESXi, instalaremos el servidor vCenter 5 que nuestro caso lo haremos con la opción de virtual appliance que desde la versión 5 ofrece WMware. Xavi escribió los siguientes artículos sobre e la instalación y configuración del appliance en la versión 5.1 y el proceso es prácticamente igual que la instalación y configuración de la versión 5.

3.- Once these two steps we have our basic infrastructure with an ESXi server and vCenter Server Appliance Megacrack read »

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