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Why you should never say "I am Computer"

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 31st on July 2008

Good afternoon.

Never and I repeat NEVER have to say that computer when you show a friend, relative or co-family, I say for your own well-being and tranquility, NEVER from the first thing they'll say when you walk in the door of his home or when you see them on the street is: ANDA, has left me a message on the computer you have if you spend one day you look at me and I explain, "You explain" (The word most hated by some computer, provided the person to whom are you going to explain not have computer or IP), this happens the vast majority of times, the person who asks for help to solve the problems that have been caused by the virus, "OK, OK, I accept, I guess" have no idea what they are doing and still are being asked to teach it is a malware, virus, or firewall, the firewall to and our greatest ally and also our worst enemy in the neighbor, friend or relative.


  • Friend: Why do I get this message "or denied, I accept."
  • Computer: The explanation is simple: I tell you, if you are leaving the firewall is an action you just performed, open an application, install some software, you have to put OKOtherwise pon Deny.
  • Friend: I never explain anything you do not think it's that simple.
  • Computer thinks Jajajajajaja that laugh that I'm getting. Bear us.
  • Computer says, is what has the information that is very simple.

Well, I was saying: I am going to explain that virus is, "OK, OK, I accept, I guess," to any of you will have passed that on occasion the conectaros to a page of "software download, etc. .. "I get a message" HAVE A VIRUS, you want to delete? "or" YOUR PC IS ROTTEN, YOU SHOULD CLEAN ". Well the first thing the "friend" is to click on OK, OK, and think "I guess if it says here .. I will clean it with this little program that lets me download and play ".

So download it and of course pressed on it and install it as campers and also warns that when the firewall has outgoing connections given to "guess" and when the firewall detects that an incoming connection to the newly installed program assumes that give "OK" response would be that I remove the virus successfully. (INCREDIBLE) I hope the families were as ready as it is a simple text-based computer code without any intelligence and gaining the trust of the user is able to be manually downloaded, installed and given way without the "friend" did not even think about it is happening. After a few days or even the same day and is calling you that when you open a video file process "Explorer.exe" will close all windows and can not do anything.

  • Computer question: "Have you installed something or have you gone on a page strange?"
  • Friend: NO ... but the other day by myself I removed a virus I had.

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