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Google Chrome (New internet browser Google's hand)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 3rd on September 2008

chrome-205_noshadow Good afternoon, yesterday afternoon / evening started downloading Google Chrome, a new initiative of the people of google to conquer the market so far dominated by the big Microsoft. This is just one of the known projects BETA Google and it seems that the moment is doing very well not ???, to see if the Web browser will also take ownership of our beloved Internet Explorer, Firefox, and others . In a few days we will see how the program is gaining popularity.

We will have a web screen larger, simpler search of a hidden navigation mode, try it and now I will say that such experience.

For now the great Chema Alonso has already announced in his blog that:

And from Kriptopolis we have this data:

Otherwise I like it a lot.

Form download and installation:

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