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Solve problems Outlook and Exchange Performance

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 10th on May 2012

Good Morning.

For some years that Outlook users with Exchange 2003 are experiencing slow systems, time out, errors, etc .. Each day the amount of mail we receive is higher, the size of e is higher and capabilities of servers they remain the same (subject crisis).

But the mistake that the mail server is responsible, is a wrong way to take on the problem.

Outlook 2003 / 2007 / 2010 like many other mail systems have their limitations and best practices that should follow strictly and only without modifying the Outlook system users and especially without investing in new hardware or even without thinking about upgrading your system mail to a recent version we could achieve very good results in performance mail system is concerned. (The user will thank you.)

One of the major problems and very easy to solve is the number of emails in each folder in Outlook.

This number post should never exceed 3000 post (Sounds like a lot at first, but look at your inbox or sent items folder (How many have ???).

With this simple change we can see a substantial improvement in the performance of our Outlook and therefore in the user feedback regarding the mail system. And if you look also amazing on the Exchange server load.

The contents of each folder is stored in a table in the Information Store Database, as it increases the number of items in each folder mechanism Extensible Storage also called ESE using data structures B + trees to store records also increases and as the number of records increases, the number of I / O disk to store new information also increases and decreases the performance of the entire system.

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Error Out of Office Assistant

Posted by jl on November 23 2011rd

Hola a todos

Hay veces que cuando el usuario intentar configurar el asistente para fuera de oficina de Outlook se ha encontrado con el siguiente error, “comando no disponible. Consulte la documentación del programa si desea conocer el uso de esta extensión”

To resolve this issue must go to regedit the computer and see if the following registry key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 11.0 \ Outlook \ Resiliency

If this simply rename

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 11.0 \ Outlook \ Resiliency_old

Cerrar el regedit y volver a iniciar Outlook y ya podremos acceder al asistente para fuera de oficina

This example is for the 2003 version of Outlook, if you have other versions change the registry key, and not be 11, and have to look for the corresponding with your version of Outlook

Until next time

a greeting

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Delete e-mails sent with Outlook

Posted by jl on September 29 2011th

Hello everyone

Who has not happened once we're writing an email to send and we give we are wrong and some of the recipients to whom it should not be sent in hard copy, or we have not crept into the content.

At the user level, Exchange has an option so that they can remove (they call retrieve) whenever the user that have sent the mail is logged on and has not read or moved from the Inbox, and of course sow we are within the same Exchange.

To do this you must go into the Outlook client mail we sent in the tray sent items, open it, and on the Actions menu select retrieve message and the following window will appear with the different choices we can make. The first is that we would eliminate the mail.

We could also replace the mail with a new message

Until next time

a greeting

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