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Early free software I

Posted by Pablo Gonzalez on June 8th 2012

We begin this part of the blog as it should, from the start :-).

First a little history ...

In 1991 the Finnish student Linus Torvalds announced on the Internet for developing a core operating system and donated it to the community to function properly checkear.

This kernel Linux became ...

The foundation "Free Software Foundation (FSF)" from 1984 free software generated with GNU. Thanks to the vision of Richard Stallman who was a member of the FSF and promoted the software as a free tool where business models were: maintenance, training, additional services, literature searches, etc ... it started developing a series of free applications and quality.

At the junction of these two projects was born the environment we now know as GNU / Linux.

For this reason, we can not call it "Linux" is wrong, and his real name is GNU / Linux!.

To not ramble too much, just wanted to clarify that this combination was achieved by moving from concept to Open Source Free Software (Open Source) and this was recorded and produced a small conflict between the FSF and Open Source. Do not go into more detail here.

In 1997 Bruce Perens Open Source definitions generated later the Open Source Initiative (OSI) re-edited and published.

Importantly, and remember the following items that the OSI will be responsible for managing open source licenses. For more details see: and licenses approved by OSI,

(On the licenses discussed in another chapter, as it is interesting to spend time and inclination!).

I leave a link that shows when Linus Tovards community makes this great milestone and what we know today as a great operating system:

Megacrack read »

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