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Blackberry Messenger is available for iOS and Android

Posted by jl on May 15 2013th

At the annual meeting held in Orlando Blackberry, it was announced yesterday that the Blackberry Messenger, BBM, application will be available for iOS and Android this summer. Initially operating systems which may be used are iOS and Android 6 4.0 or higher, and may have the same characteristics as the native application. According to data from BlackBerry, BBM has 60 million active users and more than 10 million daily messages are sent. Thus comes a new competitor in the field of instant messaging, and maybe it was the pioneer in his day regarding their use in mobility.

¿Que opinión os merece este movimiento? A mi personalmente, como usuario desde hace años de blackberry, me parece que llega demasiado tarde en un mercado saturado de aplicaciones similares. Es una pena que una tecnlogia como blackberry que ha sido pionera en el campo de la movilidad no haya sabido adaptarse a los cambios del mercado, y espero que tanto la aparicion de su nuevo sistema operativo como esta apertura puedan servir para que siga estando en el mercado.


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Configure a single agent in BES mailbox

Posted by jl on December 7 2011th

Hello everyone

Not if you have ever faced the logs of a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) but are quite complex and as the number of users grows in size are often intractable.

So when we have an issue with a user may be interesting to assign an agent mailbox (mailbox agent) differently than other users, so that it generates a log agent, MAGT (which is what usually larger size of the different logs generated by the BES server, where all events are recorded communications between the Exchange and BES) independent of other users and to analyze in a more "simple". Other cases which may be interesting to have more than one agent is to assign a VIP, or latency or performance issues for some users, but must take into account that for each additional static agent that we have more processes are generated and we consume more resources in the BES server.

The procedure to assign a user's mailbox BES a static agent (from the BES server 5.0 version) is as follows:

We are located in the BES user properties Megacrack read »

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BlackBerry Mobile Webcast Fusion

Posted by jl on November 30 2011th

Hi all Yesterday there was a webcast by Alan Panezic is Vice President, Enterprise Product Management and Marketing at RIM in which he talked about BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. Among the things which stand out are the following:

  • New Solution for Mobile Device Management, MDM, which allows BlackBerry device management, and Playbook tablet devices using operating systems Apple iOS and Android.
  • The new solution will be available in beta in January and is expected to 2012 finally launched it in March 2012
  • The platform was managed BES5.0.3 from the console of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion
  • Unlike what happened so far in BES, a user can be assigned more than one device.
  • Incorpora BlackBerry Balance que permite a un dispositivo independizar los daros corporativos de los personales, de tal manera que se pueden securizar los datos corporativos y seguir manteniendo lo que ellos llaman la experiencia de usuario para su uso personal. Balance BlackBerry incorporates a device that allows corporate give wean the personnel, so that you can securing corporate data and still maintain what they call the user experience for their personal use. Esta tecnología permite en un dispositivo solo se borren los datos corporativos y no los personales, por ejemplo ante el caso que un usuario dejela compañía. This technology allows a single device erasure of corporate data and personal, for example to the case that a user leave it company. Nose si esto estará disponible para todos los dispositivos o solo para dispositivos BlackBerry. Idk if this will be available for all devices or just BlackBerry devices.
  • As for the management of Apple and Android devices is a slide where the webcast will discuss the possibilities.

Después de ver la presentación algunas de las dudas que nos surgen son como sera la arquitectura de servidores necesarios, el licenciamiento y precio, y entendemos que el control y políticas que se podrán aplicar en los dispositivos será mayor para los dispositivos BlackBerry que para el resto, por lo tendremos que esperar a que haya mas información de la solución. After viewing the presentation some of the doubts that we will emerge are as necessary server architecture, licensing and pricing, and we understand that the control and policies that may apply to the devices will be greater for BlackBerry devices for the rest , so we will have to wait for more information on the solution. El enlace para poder ver la presentación completa es el siguiente The link to see the full presentation is as follows


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Blackberry Mobile Fusion

Posted by jl on November 29 2011th

Hello everyone

Hace unos meses RIM adquirió la empresa Ubitexx que tenia un software que permitía la gestión de dispositivos móviles con sistemas operativos Android y Apple iOS. Este movimiento resulto a priori un poco descorcentante ya que no se sabía muy bien que línea iban a seguir. Pues bien hoy RIM ha anunciado la nueva solución de gestion de dispositivos (el hasta ahora conocido como Blackberry Enterprise Server) que permitirá desde un único interfaz gestionar dispositivos Blackberry, incluida su tablet PlayBook, Android e iOS y su nombre será Blackberry Mobile Fusion.

I hit the link to the official news


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Siginificado of D and R in Blackberry Messenger

Posted by jl on November 28 2011th

Hello everyone

In today's post I will try to answer a question we have
made many Blackberry users and what they mean D and R
appear when you send messages with the Blackberry Messenger?
The answer is very simple and is the initial of words in English
Delivered and Read, and the meaning is this:

D-> Delivered (entregado) es decir el mensaje ha llegado correctamente
sent to the BlackBerry device.
R-> Read (leído) es decir el mensaje que habéis enviado ha sido leído
by another user.

Until next time

a greeting

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