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Malware (The hidden "virus" in our company) and more.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 6th on October 2010


For years that malware is gaining ground on the virus. These little programs are causing havoc and cause more and more as companies are not fully protected against such threats.

Who had a time machine to go to that moment where he said we have to protect against malware before virus (truth is that viruses have done much damage, but we have already taken action on it by updating windows in the operating system , antivirus, perimeter firewalls, etc ... but what malware ?, we've done ?, web-filters that prevent or rather protect against malware downloads have installed, have put plugins to our antivirus to protect against malware, but and which we already have in our computers ?, we have to do?).

Every time we are more convinced that our companies are better protected than in other times but we must think that the purpose of the virus is not to bother the user or inject broadcast traffic over a network sensitive to denial of service attacks (This has already happened to the history, although I'm sure we find a functionality to the matter), but get money, either through rootkits installed on our computers or malware that makes downloads of more malware and finally generates a little program that sends emails to your internal addresses by sending SPAM from known addresses and reverse engineering so that the end user clicks on the link sent by the partner and transfers their keys to a web system created especially as a mere phishing improved and hidden in a web server within the organization.

"Deprotection there is currently before internal threats (within the organization) is crucial to product success malicious"

Clarify the issue:

That many perimeter protection with 10 layers of anti-spam systems, blacklist, IP reputation, anti-virus, etc .. will not be able to protect us if the email comes from an infected within our own lan computer or if the malicious web is opened in an IIS / Apache installed on a computer of any client who makes a web impersonation and it appears that the credentials are delivering this website are accurate for the certificate and traffic https but they really are stored and sent to a external address for a malicious agent created for this purpose purely profit.

I hope this verbiage that just blurted take effect in each of us and make us rethink on the security filters that currently have and we want to implement in the future and hopefully not too distant project focused on the LAN security not Perimetral .

Another day I will continue with it.

See you soon.

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