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An MSExchangeIS event with error code 9518 0xfffffddc

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 13th on May 2012

Good Morning.

The other day a client monitoring to detect the following error in your email system Exchange 2003, An MSExchangeIS event with error code 9518 0xfffffddc.

We found that all databases of a Storage Group had gone suddenly. (Normal in this type of errors, now I will explain why.) And attempting to start the database the following error appeared

Type: Error

Event ID: 9518

Source: MSExchangeIS

Error 0xfffffddc starting Storage Group / DC = com / DC = <domain> / CN = Configuration / CN = Services / CN = Microsoft Exchange / CN = <container> / CN = Administrative Groups / CN = First Administrative Group / CN = Servers / CN = <server> / CN = InformationStore / 2 CN = Storage Group on the Microsoft Exchange Information Store.

Storage Group - Initialization of Jet failed.

This occurs when the maximum number represented by the name of the transaction log for the particular storage group (ExxFFFF0.log) 1,048,560 2003 Exchange log in and (0x7FFFFFFF) log files 2,147,483,647 2007 Exchange is exceeded.

But when this happens ?: The transaction log files (transaction log) is a record of every transaction made by the database engine. All transactions are written to the log, then slowly written to the database.

Every time someone receives, sends, moves a mail or when a user moves exhange administrator of a database to another this log is growing and will stored on disk as files with a specific nomenclature Exx<Count>.log and each of these files in Exchange 2003 5,120 occupy KB (5 MB).

Therefore as long ago you disponéis installed and Exchange 2003 sure you have done almost 1 million moves, or already has passed or you will have little to you that error appears.

To detect this you can proactively monitor the LOGS folder of your Exchange to detect if the files you are generating 2003 Exchange (transaction log) are near ExxFFFF0.log as you can see in the following image:

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