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Program that sniffs the traffic you'll quickly.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 22nd on February 2012


Some time ago I have been using a super useful hand programita NirSoft (Breathtaking their development), I guess you already know them tools like IPNetInfo (Offers useful information about the ip you want), PasswordSecurityScanner (That shows security information about local passwords used by tools such as Outlook, Internet Explorer, ...) and if you do not know, go to his web but ( "Do not be evil") that there is much potential.

The tool that I wanted to show is SmartSniff.

With this tool we can sniff / capture traffic local wireless network or even in promiscuous mode, ie any packet which passes through the network before reaching a switch.

We can see the captured packets of talks between 2 or more computers, used their traffic, ports and local and remote addresses.

For example I've used to detect the bandwidth consumed by streaming connection to estimate in a consumption tested form the connection.

It could eventually be used to detect fraudulent traffic in a network by turning on promiscuous mode and using the driver winpcap to capture all packets because the tool even takes RAW socket able to capture TCP / IP packets without a capture driver.

After capturing a few seconds you will see everything what you can get to do. Where it goes traffic, hence, that deal size packages and ports used.

Megacrack read »

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As Internet companies to protect VIPs.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on February 1st 2012

Good afternoon.

Not normally expose my ideas Internet entrepreneur because if someday I have enough money and time I can implement them without another has already done for me.

On previous occasions I had an idea and after a few months or even years that idea has been done, I'll throw one to the air to see if any company as Paloalto, Mcafee or Netscreen, Cisco ... come on a business idea and can bring to fruition and then ofrecérmela to implement in my business and achieve once and for all a synergy between "VIP customers" and IT security in the workplace.

And the idea is: Why do not we have a system that is capable of:

1. - The user should be able to surf the Internet without restrictions but surely.

Must be able to access any website, but not to download files without user consent, or the script execution without clicking on parts of the web.

2.- El usuario debe poder ver cualquier web o descargar cualquier aplicación desde internet, pero en el caso que esta web o aplicación sea «Maliciosa» (detección por patrones) la proteja y deniegue su descarga o instalación.

3. - Only when the user runs an application that needs internet access, this open the required ports automatically as it does uPNP protocol but only for this application (When the application is complete, the ports will also be closed automatically).

En definitiva un sistema que no «Cape» al cliente VIP pero que lo proteja.

I could go with a long list of possible improvements on the above premises, but let the time these are "implanted".

Until next time.

PS: If a company already has this appliance, application, virtual template, SaaS, Paas or whatever you call please contact me.

A sentence for posterity (perhaps corporate slogans).

Providing real solutions and as customers and not solutions that do not really need, that's Value Added.

Pay this Value Added as a company and you can make you call "Exclusive".

It takes many workers but visionary one.

PS: Anyone who wants to label someone as egotistical to express their thoughts is in its own right, but you know it is necessary to express them without fear somewhere, whatever the forum to which it is addressed, this will make the world better or at least a little more free of thoughts.

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Web filters are needed for companies and not only for safety.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 30th on November 2011

Good only for personal reflection when we say Webfilter Web filters are a problem at work too restricted. We could spend the following information to management to see that opinion ...

The phrase is: "A company loses money when the web service is not filtered. "

I pass an example with a large company such 3200 users with an average salary of € 20.000 year (perhaps below the average salary of a company, but to see the result serves .. Megacrack read »

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As update Malwarebytes on a computer isolated from the network

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 17th on November 2011


As many of you know when we have a infected computer virus first thing you have to do is disconnect from the network being isolated and getting equipment and not spread the virus to other computers.

The second step we must do is go into safe mode and run anti-virus systems, anti-malware, etc ...

One of my favorites is anti-malware Malwarebytes which you can download from the following link:

In the case of an isolated computer what you must do is to download and update the following:

From an uninfected machine to download and install MalwareBytes.

Once installed to update to the latest version.

Close MalwareBytes.

Copying to a pen-drive the downloaded program Malwarebytes.

I copy from the uninfected pc path: C: \ ProgramData \ Malwarebytes \ Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware \ files rules.ref and the file build.conf Folder Configuration to the pen-drive. Megacrack read »

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National Security Scheme with Microsoft Technology

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 16th on November 2011

I present a book on security in pdf that was presented in May but had not yet published in the blog.

The book is called National Security Framework with Microsoft Technology and I recommend reading any security official who wants to enforce the laws and you want in a theory / practice found out some things you should do to meet the needs for security concerns of IT infrastructure with face and eyes.

El libro está escrito por José María Alonso Cebrián y por Juan Luis G. Rambla quien he tenido la suerte de coincidir en Hands on Lab de informática 64 y en alguna conferencia de seguridad.

This manual is a link between technological implications measures described in the Scheme, and its practical implementation in environments with Microsoft.

The PDF version is available free for download at the following address:

And be thinking, not all IT companies are public and not all should treat security as a slice table as a bank, but the idea that someone can enter or leave your company without permission and taking any important information or not we should concern each and every one of us.

I hope you you read it and let me know that this experience.

See you soon.

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