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Failed incomplete array (RAID disks visibility problem)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on May 2013

Failed incomplete array It is a message that you could appear in the case hubierais lost a SAN one of the enclosures or expansions discs or lack of connectivity or a configuration error on the switch gear selection between expansions and cab principal.

What happened to us is we had configured a switch for selecting speed 4 GB and should have been in 2 GB, we went light on the CPD, at this time the cabin suddenly turned off by the UPS will petó (he was already petó very old and a fuse) was a small UPS. When he returned power to the equipment room cabin all at once started as expected and in no particular order. As you all will know first expansions should start, wait a few minutes and finally 3 the main unit with controllers etc, so you can spot all the expansions smoothly, discs, etc. .. connected to the main unit.

Surely many will be thinking, because in my cabin this does not happen, automatically starts everything with no problem, you are right in that we show in this article as well, but if you talk with your partner will tell you that everything has an order and cabins They should follow his boot.

What we are going to show is based on a cabin IBM Storage DS4700 with a main unit more 1 expansion disc, all discs Fiber Channel (FC) and Hot Spare configured, all LUNs that there are created are mounted on RAID 5 for greater availability. Performance as you all know is lower than in RAID 10 or other, but you are guaranteed that you might fail to 2 disks in a RAID without data loss. In the event that a disk fails enter Hot Spare disk, and in case of failing the hotspare also enter the the Raid5.

As you can see in the picture below it is that apparently all discs are in good condition, the hot spare is in standby (right) mode and that there is no problem at any level.

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Solve problems Outlook and Exchange Performance

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 10th on May 2012

Good Morning.

For some years that Outlook users with Exchange 2003 are experiencing slow systems, time out, errors, etc .. Each day the amount of mail we receive is higher, the size of e is higher and capabilities of servers they remain the same (subject crisis).

But the mistake that the mail server is responsible, is a wrong way to take on the problem.

Outlook 2003 / 2007 / 2010 like many other mail systems have their limitations and best practices that should follow strictly and only without modifying the Outlook system users and especially without investing in new hardware or even without thinking about upgrading your system mail to a recent version we could achieve very good results in performance mail system is concerned. (The user will thank you.)

One of the major problems and very easy to solve is the number of emails in each folder in Outlook.

This number post should never exceed 3000 post (Sounds like a lot at first, but look at your inbox or sent items folder (How many have ???).

With this simple change we can see a substantial improvement in the performance of our Outlook and therefore in the user feedback regarding the mail system. And if you look also amazing on the Exchange server load.

The contents of each folder is stored in a table in the Information Store Database, as it increases the number of items in each folder mechanism Extensible Storage also called ESE using data structures B + trees to store records also increases and as the number of records increases, the number of I / O disk to store new information also increases and decreases the performance of the entire system.

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