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Got Jailbreak IOS 3.2.2 and earlier.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 10th on October 2010

Good Morning.

Bufff, there seems to be moved.

Ayer mismo salió un jailbreak llamado Limera1n "Created" by Geohot exploiting vulnerabilities including Shatter 2 and this has changed the landscape of the jailbreak of the day 10 / 10 / 10.

12:00 Chronic Dev Team tomó la decisión de posponer la salida de greenpois0n pero finalmente la ha sacado, y la podéis descargar desde el enlace anterior.

Posted in twitter:

We are making the responsible decision as Suggested by @MuscleNerd and @comex greenpois0n to delay while we Implement the limera1n exploit.

I will keep you informed:


You can see more information at:

I hope to see how the issue is clarified and will show you the JB that I've made in my ipad.

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New version of Winpwn 2.0.4

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 11th on August 2008

He came the day 9 last version 2.0.4 del programa winpwn para liberar iphone desde Windows, con esta versión, es posible liberar iphone con la versión de firmware 2.0.1, y como novedad diferencial también instala la tan esperada installer 2.0 que tanto hemos necesitado en la actualización del firmware a la 2.0, aún es muy beta, pero espero me vayáis poniendo vuestras experiencias.

Here is a link to a guide in English

Greetings MegaCracks.

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Unlocking Iphone 2.0 bricked from Windows.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on July 2008

Good morning, finally from our beloved Windows can desbrikear the iphone release and we accidentally or voluntarily updated the firmware version 2.0. (Tested 100%). This "jailbreak" we will do with the application WinPwn in its 2.3 version and with the itunes in its latest version also.

I had to do for all of you it is to try it first updated my iphone in your 1 1.1.4 firmware version to version of firmware 2.0. (Bufff that fear) The message on the iphone aperecía me after doing this was that it did not recognize the SIM card and could not access it in any way. (Total Brick).

Megacrack read »

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iphone 2

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 10th 2008

At last the expected launch of the iPhone in its 2.0 has come to light.

From WWDC08 held yesterday in San Francisco said on July 11 2 iPhone will be sold in 12 countries in the future be extended to 25. In white and black with storage capacity and 8 16 199 Gbytes per 299 and dollars respectively.

The characteristics of the new Apple device are: 3G connectivity, GPS and battery without recharging able to show 7 hours of video and audio to 24 hours (300 hours in standby), has a thinner appearance than its predecessor and with the rear plastic, metal buttons, with a screen size as the previous one, with the same camera but with better audio.

The iphone will own the software version 2.0. The current owners of iPhone can download it without problems. (We'll see)

It has been said also that those who have bought your iPhone after May 27 can change it to a new iPhone 3G FREE. (Incredible) and this also could happen with no consoles? You tell me?

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IPhone Settings for Exchange and IMAP 2003

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal on June 4th 2008

In these days more and more users have an iPhone and BlackBerry as the need to access your mail wherever they are, well, so far as from exchange can not be done except using IMAP I present an article taken from the web and that I found very interesting, we knew it but with this explanation we save the document it step by step. It's a very good explanation from which I will appeal and will facilitate the work when configuring an iPhone with IMAP.

In this how to Victor Burgos shows how to configure Exchange and ISA Server 2003 for use with iPhone. Well here goes:

Megacrack read »

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