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Personal saving measures before the happy crisis (I use them for some time and I assure you that goes very well).

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 20th on September 2009


As everyone talks about the crisis so I'm going to do but as with all my items trying to provide solutions not problems.

I like to make the most of the things that I have-you taking the best possible performance, so this article is written for anyone who does not mind making a little effort to get more performance out of your money. (These are small things you can do day to day and will increase your current account at the end of the month to a greater or lesser extent).

First of all I will explain how to save on fuel:

Putting gasoline fill only half of the deposit (this will cause the vehicle weighs less thus reducing consumption). You will have to make the effort to spend more time on the station but you will notice the change.

Perform an inspection of the level of tire pressure (Comprobad the specifications of each vehicle) With this measure we get less friction reducing consumption. NOTE: No pressure aumentéis above specifications as indicated in the vehicle as this would reduce the adhesion and could be a shock).

The windows always closed (That's easy to say this, ehh with the heat already). Well you know always without compromising our comfort. The windows down cause excessive friction in the vehicle causing an increased consumption.

In winter turn the heat, hold on the vehicle when the engine is hot. (This will reduce consumption significantly).

Now that winter is coming and you can use the ECO function of air conditioning. This uses the residual heat of the engine and reduce consumption.

Do not use gears.

Shift up between 2300-2500 revolutions in diesel vehicles.

Do not give acceleration and braking.

The radio, GPS, huge speakers, electronic equipment of the vehicle also increase consumption (Here you decide ...).

For those who want to buy a new car soon, so hybrid question (They use the kinetic energy of braking, etc. .. to charge the batteries and get a constant speed without using any fuel).

Invest in technology: auto companies designing energy saving methods day after day, so avoiding the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

How to save at home with the heating in winter:

Make use of the sun and heat method.

Open the blinds when the sun gives a full and shut-the to conserve heat when not to.

Do not quench the heat of night whenever you are in house. (The times on and off will increase the consumption of it).

Maintaining a constant temperature during the day (20 ° is a temperature sufficient for a healthy environment) and reducing it at night in 2 Maximum will reduce the overall consumption of heating.

In case you are not in home heating Snuff.

In winter you may have shut the room where the thermostat before going to sleep to maintain that temperature and not in the boiler turning on and off constantly (In bed already have items for warmth (Nordic, blankets, etc ...) do not need be sleeping and summer. And we will be more "placidly".

To ventilate the house is enough 15 minutes with the windows and doors open and the heat off. For longer let the temperature would drop a lot, would cool the walls causing senseless higher consumption.

Put you in the right clothes each season, it is NOT necessary to go in short sleeves in winter home to have the temperature at 23 º.

Invest in technology: A double glazing and insulation reduce consumption considerably. Parquet floors, cork walls, wooden ceilings ....

How to save at home air conditioning:

Before using the air conditioning if you really think you need it, often by opening windows, putting awnings to avoid direct sunlight will be enough to get a good temperature. Proof fans for life.

Close those blinds and windows when given full sun and open all the others.

Invest in double glazing and insulation, will reduce consumption considerably. Will cause the walls to maintain a stable temperature during the day.

As I said before, put clothing in each season.

Invest in technology: Air conditioners are inefficient, are becoming the most improved leading to greater performance at a lower cost of electricity consumption. Talk to your local service provider.

How to save home generally:

  • Change all light bulbs with low energy, is a small initial investment because they are more expensive, but consume less and have a longer life (I do not have to change so often).
  • In the kitchen to wash dishes if you use a container for storing water and soak the sponge in it instead of opening and closing the tap.
  • Pass the mop before vacuuming.
  • Buy rechargeable batteries instead of the normal. They are more expensive initially but they will get the most game.


  • Do not put the milk carton unopened in the fridge, so when you need to heat it takes less time doing it.
  • Leave enough space on the sides and behind the microwave for proper ventilation.
  • Enjoy the hot water to thaw food before putting it in the microwave.

Induction or ceramic plates instead of fire.

  • Take advantage of waste heat from the ceramic plates and induction. Turn off the "fire" minutes before removing the "pot" to harness the residual heat.
  • Use tools that leverage large maximum space heat.
  • Put a lid completely covering the pot to boil water. This will take advantage of the heat better.
  • Use the waste heat for main courses. You can leave the product in the pan to keep warm.


  • Keep a distance from the wall to the team about 25 cm. This causes the radiators that cool the water as conducted in a more efficient way.
  • Regulates the temperature in winter in summer i inside the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Use the ECO mode when you're at home.
  • Open snowed a minimum.

Washing machine:

  • Used cold wash programs whenever possible. (You'll save on electricity bills, when you use hot water the washer uses a resistor to heat the water you drink enough electricity).
  • In summer low revs and spin the clothes to dry before the ambient heat.
  • In winter up to the maximum revolutions to avoid using the dryer.


  • Make a full load or use the economic system.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher many days since the remains of food will dry and you have to spend more time cleaning.
  • Try to make every product in the dishwasher and not use running water to wash them.
    • Open the dryer before the end of half an hour to remove clothing and will be smaller than dry and continue the process.
    • Install dual flush systems.
    • Place glass jars with water within the reservoir to minimize water consumption. No need to do a total water discharge under water.
    • Separate heat appliances for cooling: Do not put your fridge next to the microwave, oven or hob. This would cause the oven heat affect the temperature of the refrigerator i vice versa ...
    • Take a shower instead of giving-you bathroom.
    • Do not leave the tap running while you soap.
    • Do not let the water run while shaving or waxing.
    • Invest in technology: Buy a regulator of the water temperature of the shower and not have to be waiting for is hot i regulating it (too much water is lost).
    • Put water in a mop bucket until it comes to the desired temperature. So we'll use that water to scrub i do not squander.

And above all invest in technology: The new products consume less and have a longer life.

How to save outside houses (gardens, ...)

  • Use drip irrigation systems, will have a good harvest and a much lower water consumption.
  • Invest in technology: Install humidity control systems for plants with ideal water level and consume no more watering or killing them with thirst.
  • Install water heating systems using solar panels.
  • Install solar panels to achieve lower power consumption (Small Appliances)
  • Stores rainwater for irrigation.
  • Redirects the reverse osmosis system to store water for irrigation.
  • Invest in technology: Install collection systems for stormwater discharges from the tank of the toilet.
  • Use outdoor lighting systems charged by solar or wind power.

How to save your money (How to be worth more)

For those who like me you have mortgage.

When cobréis "If you touch" the return of income: Invertidla in the amortization of the mortgage. I returned back the amount in the next tax return. (Speak with a manager) they indicate you better.

When we have saved some money, remember that the best way to invest a portion of a rise in the stock market (which I will explain, or not, another time ...) is amortizing mortgage or personal loans. Do a cost estimate of write-down and use it as you provide better performance over time. That is if you have a mortgage at an interest of 2% to 30 years and a personal loan to a 8% to 5 years. Does the math and you'll see that you stop losing more money in the amortization of the mortgage over the years 30 investing in the personal loan 5 years.

Invest your savings in the bank that offers you better always be reliable, that is.

The more money you will have better conditions. Although not published in radio, television, etc. .. I assure you.

Ask the bank to check your mortgage interest. Whenever you can download it if you are good customers.

Always read the fine print. For example now that the interest is so low for many years will have passed the bank tells you that you can not go lower that firmasteis a clause stating that only up to a minimum of ...

How to save on purchases:

Buy if you can afford quality products: For example a shirt can cost Massimo Dutti more expensive initially but eventually will last longer and with better conditions 2 white label shirts.

Do not look at the price of a product directly, try to look first at what you need and then look at the price, the products have a price for something, not just for the brand. The quality often has to pay. And really in the long run you'll thank. Practical shoes, comfortable, etc. .. If you cost a little more money buy them just do not buy a lower quality product for the price and then you'll be sorry and I'll buy the cheaper product and then the expensive costing a third more than it initially you had spent .

Buy at centers with a name: Do not buy a "Chinese" for example, because the product does not offer the same guarantees.

Invest in guarantees. It may be silly but I passed the product you bought years ago 2 begins to spoil i think that you should have asked for extra assurance 1 year??.

There are companies that offer products "buy quiet" Hire them if you're not really sure I wanted the product. The can change without problems.

Consultation forums before buying, internet, friends, etc ... if you want to buy the product qualifies.

Speaking of computers: ....

Invest in technology and change your old CRT monitor with one LCD (Flat Panel), apart from your eyes will thank you, consume much less energy.

Use power with high efficiency. Consume less energy because it will be more reliable.

Put a dark wallpaper, consume less.

Set your CPU control system to use the minimum resources required at all times. For example if you leave your computer on at night, leave it with few resources and disconnect the CPU that you are needed, there are applications such as ASUS AI SUITE governing the fans and the CPU clock to consume less resources decreasing

Computer in summer:

Thoroughly clean all fans and using swabs moistened desmontándolos.

Grease the joints of the fans.

Disconnect your overclocking.

Put a fan in home air tickets for fans to speed down the pc, besides you cool you too.

Computer in winter:

Disconnected almost every case fans. (For those who do know how to overclock and have to make (DO NOT) The more decibels of fan noise better .. jejjejjeje.

Monitor the temperature of the CPU regulates the fans i to be the minimum possible speed without overheating the CPU.

And especially when you are not using the TV, when you're not in a room, etc ... Put out equipment, lighting, heating, electricity consumed by ... and not without.

PS Use renewable technologies to create electricity and heat water: solar collectors that can provide more water for washing. Solar heating facilities well insulated home can provide all the necessary heat and provide support conventional heating system in winter.

MegaCracks Well, I hope this article has been helpful, or at least that I have
liked to read.

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