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New author of Blog (Alex Nalda)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 14th on December 2011

Hi all / as.

We have among us a new team member will sign his articles Alex Nalda.

I tell you about it a bit different:

Microsoft Certified as MCITP Enterprise I love the world of technology.

He has extensive knowledge in CMS (Joomla, Drupal).
He is an expert in web technologies (Flash, ActionScript, PHP, Perl, CSS ...).
It is also present in the area Linux (Red Hat, Mandriva, Debian, Ubuntu, ...).

2 articles already written on this blog and I am sure that your articles will help you a lot and will be interesting for everyone (and I include myself in this all).

Welcome from our community and you keep working with us a long time.

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Useful Commands in Ubuntu

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 1st on October 2011


some days I'm fighting to put the blog on my own server to stop paying the cost of hosting and get lower value ms ago Time to First Byte which brings me head and limiting local cache files between the webs we translated for about 100.000 files on the blog. (I still have a lot of work), but for now I'm riding on Ubuntu 11.04 with xampp 1.7.7

You know I'm a great lover of Windows, but ahead of all I am a lover of computer so I should have perhaps just mere knowledge on any platform and one of them is the linux environment every time I know more things but it is my great unknown.

I have encountered several difficulties and here I pass some commands that I have been helpful to have more permits and to move files and folders at will, edit files in write mode, etc ..

There are folders such as / opt / where you need to be in root mode to edit files, move files, etc. .. and so the following commands:

A simile Home run in ubuntu is press the keys ALT + F2.

To open the file browser in root mode in ubuntu

gksudo nautilus (Open file browser in root mode)

For those who do not know the command to elevate privileges to root

sudo su (Write the administrator password)

To edit a file in root mode

Run gedit <filename> from a terminal in root mode.

To set the root user password and power LOGARTE as root (This is to log in as root)

sudo passwd root

At the moment this is all, if I have more little things that seem interesting to me and I will put you ...

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Vodafone USB Modem Huawei E220 in Ubuntu

Posted by digimouth on May 19th 2008

How to configure the vodafone usb modem on Ubuntu (7.04, 7.10)

Open Terminal:

Sudo gedit / etc / modprobe.d / huawei220

This will create a modprobe file and open a word processor for editing (before he will ask the admin password)

Megacrack read »

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Installing Ubuntu on laptop 7.04 "LG EXPRESS DUAL P1"

Posted by albertfr on March 7th 2008

Good cracks, then I present my first article. It's only a "mini" guide I followed to install on my laptop "LG EXPRESS DUAL P1" Ubuntu operating system in its 7.04.

I hope you serve.
Ubuntu title

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