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Update management agents on DELL servers

Posted by jl on January 16th 2012

Hello everyone

In this post we will see how to install / upgrade the management agent with DELL computers, called the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node.

The first is to unburden the dell support page / support the appropriate file for your operating system. Specifically we've fallen for a W2003 VMWARE ESX server and 4.1:

  • For a machine W2003 is an exe file that decompresses and then have to run the setup.exe file, located in c: \ OpenManage \ windows \ We see the following screen to see if they meet the software requirements and if not There is no error message click on the button and we start Server Administrator installation with default settings. Megacrack read »

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Managing multiple Linux servers via SSH

Posted by jl on September 5 2011th

Hello everyone

As the number of Linux servers to be administered is more tedious it grows when you make a change that affects several or even install updates. To help in the management tasks tasks Linux servers I'll talk about a tool called Clusterssh. This tool allows us to open an ssh session against a number of Linux servers and manage them simultaneously.

To install, Ubuntu distributions Debian just run from a terminal

# Apt-get install clusterssh

The way to use it is very easy, from a console, run cssh followed by the name or ip of the servers you want to connect

servidor1 #cssh servidor2 servidor3

This will open as many terminals as servers and an additional screen is where you will enter commands to be replicated to all terminals as seen in the picture below Megacrack read »

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Program to modify file dates

Posted by carlostorres on June 2nd 2011

I present an application that allows you to modify the creation date, modification date and last access date of a file. Operation is as simple as selecting the file to edit by pressing Browse ... , Change the date and press the Apply .

Press here to download.

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New version of Filezilla (

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 19th on November 2010

You can download the from here:

These are the changes they made.

3.3.5 (2010-11-14)

- Updated language files, Otherwise identical with rc1

3.3.5-rc1 (2010-11-07)

FTP over TLS certificate + store is now host-specific
+ MSW: Large-DPI awareness
+ Improved SFTP transfer speeds
FTP over TLS + Should prefer ciphers with longer key sizes, updated GnuTLS library Contained in precompiled binaries
+ Add context menu entry to re-queue all files on the Successful and failed queue tabs
+ MSW: Native file list sort indicator on Windows Vista and 7
- Resuming of uploads was not working correctly in all cases
- Correct remaining time calculation in queue
- Do not show welcome dialog in kiosk mode 2
- Do not offer option to permanently accept certificate in kiosk mode 2
- Fix sorting by size in filelists with directory sort behavior set to inline
- MSW: Fix memory corruption When changing language
- OS X: Include license and documentation files in application bundle
- Directly save settings after importing from file

See you soon.

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Ultracopier (utility to copy files)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 6th on October 2010


My good friend and occasional collaborator of Albert Fortes blog sent me this link:

It is a very good backup utility, I leave a video where you can see all the benefits of the product.

You shall send me your opinions.

See you soon.

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