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Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.2

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 30th on September 2010


I have long been using this application and I thought proper for non mostrarosla to experience.

The can download from:

It is an application that makes it possible to have all Remote Desktop connections organized into groups, for example I have the following groups of connections.

Active Directory




It is very useful because you can define a user account for each connection group and not have to put credentials every time you have to connect to a remote session. (Please Keep the connections file in a safe place because if you access this file you will be sold and that install this application and import the configuration file will have access to all hosts defined in that file with the password set as a gift) .

You can see a thumbmail of each connection and the server group conectaros globally, ie will not have to conectaros terminal server for each exchange of the organization, only connect to the group by clicking on it will open a window where dispondreis of sitting on all servers group.

Let me know your experiences.

Until next MegaCracks.

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New version of Notepad ++ (5.8 release)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 24th on September 2010

Good Morning.

I think this article as a reference to the best free text editor the story just out of the oven with its latest version 5.8 Release.

Try it yourself and opinad.


See you soon.

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VMware ThinApp (How to turn Internet Explorer 7 in portable).

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 28th on December 2008


Today I'll show you how to use VMware ThinApp, an application virtualization product that I explained a few days after its release.

What I get is run a second Internet Explorer 7.0 with the latest patches available to date and configured in a different way to Internet Explorer that comes by default in Windows Vista.

To do this I need an intact version of Windows XP for example SP2 with the version of Internet Explorer installed 6.0 (just after installing the operating system and after applying all security patches available).

Megacrack read »

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New version of Hiren's Boot CD.

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on October 2008

Good Morning.

Today I present the new version of Hiren's in this case the 10, A bootable CD that will delight more than one. Each new version is better than the previous ruling by solving the odd compatibility and upgrading most of its applications.

This CD contains programs and utilities to restore files from disk partitions to modify or make disc images, read files on NTFS partitions, tools antivirus and anti-spyware, solve problems with the MBR, changing passwords and so on .

You can see more information

This cd "only" is a "DOS application that has all these utilities non-profit and can be used by anyone" so that the programs included an original license need to follow the laws of the authors.

On page there is a manual step by step so you can put everything on a USB Hiren's bootable.

Greetings MegaCracks.

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Freeware utility to clean registry (Argente - Registry Cleaner

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 3rd on October 2008

Argente - Registry Cleaner My good friend Jose Antonio Iglesias from Santander told me the following:

Hello, Xavi

I have seen the last entry in your blog, you spoke of freeware. I pass the link of one that I use to clean the registry, I have cleaned me more to the ccleaner (which also use) and never gave me problems:


Churches thank you very much.

Remind everyone that in order to run this application on Windows Vista will need to run with administrator permissions, right-click on the application and checking Run as administrator.

If you like and you can it is useful to make a donation by paypal after installation (which they deserve it).

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