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5 Android apps that everyone should have

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 29th on September 2012

Today I will show 5 Android apps that everyone should have, and for all that you have a smartphone and want to get more out of the device yet, are tools that should have all or at least know them.

These are applications that I use daily and I am very pleased with each and every one of them.

I put 5 but there are many more applications that you may pay more later, but for now I think I enjoy this very much and I hope you enjoy them as I do.

Let me know if you have been to your liking and if you want you can post a comment with which you you use.

Continue reading the article if you want to know all the tools that I have set.

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Whatsapp iPhone, iPad

Posted by Xavi Fernandez 31st on May 2011

I just found out today that gives the AppStore this application is a free app just today, normal costs € 0.79 but today they give.
If you do not know who is this app, you install it as you can not be without her, used to send messages to phones that have this application as it has today Nokias day, BB, Android, iPhone and iPad.

It is instant messaging everything you trasmites either photo, video, voice, text, all not cost you anything as it goes by 3G, that if the share of 3G is all you will pay per month

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