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Installing Exchange in an organization 2007 2003 Exchange (Part IV)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 14th on September 2008

Let ...

Right now we have a fully productive 2007 Exchange in our organization and without 2003 Exchange has affected their functioning.

In this post I'll show you how Move Database and Transaction Log on the Exchange 2007.

During installation I've been checking the mail service availability and at no time synchronization has failed me, I have performed several tests, connect to a mailbox by OWA (working properly), for OWA to connect to a remote secondary server (running correctly), I have also tested that could send mails between recipients from different servers (working properly) at the time of installation, and at all times the service is not interrupted (As it should be).

ITEM ...: As we have installed Exchange 2007 on a version of Windows Server R2003 2 we must modify the firewall to accept this traffic from other servers because otherwise we can not manage Exchange 2007 or move mailboxes from Exchange servers 2003 and from a client can not access to a new server owa Exchange 2007.

To accept traffic to Windows Server R2003 2 access to the configuration of the firewall and mark options (Internet Mail Server (SMTP, 25) and Secure Web Server (ssl, 443)) to send emails and access to OWA, but if we want to have all the functionality we or uncheck the firewall or search for ports that are used to move mailboxes ... (I have not had time to research this, so if any of you know what are you appreciate it all).

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Installing Exchange in an Exchange organization 2007 2003 (Part III)

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 12th on September 2008

Continuing the theme:

After installation we direct you to this page of the Exchange management console that will give us the option to perform multiple functions, the first and most important is to insert the product key.


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We begin

Posted by Xaus Xavier Nadal 5th on March 2008

Aquí empieza nuestra andadura por la blogosfera.

Soy Xavi Xaus, la imágen la conseguí mediante una página web call taken from the incredible web que siempre que tengo ocasión leo. La web de SimpsonizeMe you create a character Springfildiano by an actual photograph.

As a request from a member of the blog author ask that each and will make one as our avatars. Thank you very much everyone for your cooperation

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